5 Star Rated Support Team

5 Star Rated Support Team

Our team works closely with enterprise level customers to create outstanding high performing technologies to enhance customer experience. Whatever your project requires, American Geeks team has the tools and experience to ensure that your goals are achieved.Whether you’re an events planner, a home services provider, a hotel, or any local business, knowing the local businesses who surround your location can vaunt you as a dependable and valuable asset to your customers.When you’re able to recommend complementary vendors to your clients, you’ll save them time and money.

Make sure that you vet the companies you recommend.The last thing you want is to send one of your customers to an unorganized and incompetent business.That’s an easy way to make your customers hate you. Good vendor recommendation builds trust with your clients.

Remember Every employee who interacts with clients face to face has the responsibility to maintain the same level of customer service as your dedicated reps.As you can see, the reviewer above had a positive interaction with everyone at the hospital, from the employees dedicated to checking in on her to the Wound Care nurses, to the maintenance staff.

Sometimes, just one negative touch point can ruin an experience.
If you have employees that are sullen, argumentative, or just plain sour, keep them out of the way of customers!Not everyone is a people person, but social skills are imperative for any client facing role, no matter how small.Finally, while it may seem awkward, always remember to ask for the review.

Make sure your customer service managers ingrain this important request in their teams’ heads.Who should be asking for the review?Always have the employee with the most personal relationship do the asking.I can practically guarantee whenever you see a review mentioning an employee by name, the employee politely requested the client leave the Google review.If they had a good experience, many times they will go and take the time to review your company.But the Ask is essential.